BMW S1000 RRs recalled over loose kickstand bolts

BMW S1000 RR

BMW S1000 RR

BMW says that, due to a manufacturing fault, 2,385 S1000 RR motorcycles, manufactured from September 2011 through December 2012, have been recalled. The side-stand attachment bolts can loosen, causing the stand to seperate from the frame of the bike, increasing the risk of a crash. BMW will notify owners, and dealers will clean the side-stand mounting-plate threads and replace the side-stand-mounting-plate bolts, free of charge. Owners may call BMW at 800 525-7417 or e-mail Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safetly Hot Line at 888 327-4236 (TTY 800 424-9153), or visit NHTSA Campaign ID Number: 12V585000.

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BMW Motorrad “Ride of Your Life” Tour

BMW Motorrad "Ride of Your Life"

BMW Motorrad “Ride of Your Life”

The celebrity judges on the panel for the BMW Motorrad “Ride of Your Life” tour on the new BMW R1200 GS are Adrien Brody, Rick Yune, Charley Boorman, and Jutta Kleinschmidt. Along with a judging panel, they helped pick five motorbike riders ready to take on a great adventure: a road trip across five continents. The contest will send the five riders off with the new BMW R1200 GS at the start of this year. Beginning in Laos, the tour travels through New Zealand, South Africa, the USA, and Europe. The tour will end at BMW World in Munich in April.

These celebrity judges ought to be great company around the campfire. Kleinschmidt competed successfully in the Paris-Dakar Rally. Boorman travelled around the world with Ewan McGregor on GS 1200s (Long Way Round). Yune is an actor and martial artist (Die Another Day), and Oscar-winner Brody (The Pianist) has been riding motorbikes since he was thirteen.

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BMW to Add New Air-Cooled Boxer Model in 2013

During the press intro for the 2012 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, BMW Motorrad president Stephan Schaller said that BMW will release a new air-cooled boxer model in 2013, to celebrate “90 years of BMW Motorrad.” In 1923, the first BMW motorcycle – the BMW R32 – set the DNA for the BMW boxer series: an air-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke “boxer” engine with a logitudinally mounted crankshaft and shaft drive to the rear wheel. The 2013 version “will express the genes of 90 years of BMW Motorrad, combined with emotional styling and innovative technology to create a new, multifaceted vehicle concept.” The launch date will be announced later.

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Roaring Down the Runway


BMW teamed up with Bloomingdale’s to sponsor men’s fashions tied to BMW motorcycles. A BMW R1200 appears in some store windows; it’s also on the Bloomie’s website, and in its autumn catalog. Shoppers can win a bike in-store or online. “Partnering with Bloomingdale’s is a natural extension of the BMW brand as both are a natural and cultural icon,” says James Callahan, the marketing communications manager for BMW Motorad USA.

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Audi See, Audi Do

Apparently Audi wants to be another BMW, as evidenced by their sportier lineup and their recent purchase of Ducati, Italy’s high-performance motorcycle maker. And they are gearing up to close another glaring gap: production outside Germany. As recently as five years ago, Audi made 82% of its cars in Germany – at a time when its Bavarian rival had already greatly diversified its manufacturing abroad. Audi’s most recent push is into Mexico, where it will leverage VW’s supplier network and the North American Free Trade Agreement for sales into the U.S., where it is targeting a whopping 71% increase in sales by 2018.

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BMW Official Olympics Car

The BMW Group is supplying 4000 vehicles to be used as part of the fleet of official cars running about London for this summer’s Olympics and Paralympic Games. BMW’s contribution to the fleet includes electric, diesel, and hybrid cars; BMW motorcycles; and BMW bicycles.

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BMW Steps into the Maxi-Scooter market with two new models

2012 BMW Scooters

BMWs New Scooters

Among BMW Groups first offerings are the BMW C600 Sport and BMW C650GT maxi-scooters. A maxi-scooter is more than a motor scooter, but less than a motorcycle. Both maxi-scooters will be built at the same BMW Motorad plant in Berlin that manufactures BMW motorcycles.

The two maxi-scooters are easily recognized by their different styling cues. For example, the C600 Sport’s front turn signal indicators are integrated into the fairing that also contains twin circular headlights behind clear covers. It also has an upsweep tail, a seat height of 31.8 inches, flatter handlebars, foot boards, and footrests for the passenger. Its windscreen is mechanically adjustable to three positions. The inovative FlexCase for the C600 Sport has a flap under the seat that expands the storage space when the scooter is parked so that it can hold two helmets.

The front turn indicators on the C650 GT are located in the mirrors, and there are also twin round headlights. The C650 GT rider and passenger ride in a relaxed sitting position, making this version ideal for long trips. There is a larger, adjustable seat backrest for the rider, and the handlebars are higher. Floor boards for both passenger and rider mean greater comfort. The 650 GT’s larger windshield is electronically adjustable over 3.9 inches for additional protection from the wind and weather; its large storage space of approximately 2.1 cubic feet can store thw helmets and additional items. Both maxi-scooters have LED rear light assemblies.

Both scooters are powered by a two-cylinder inline engine with a displacement of 647 cc, with power transferred directly to the rear wheel using a continuously variable transmission (CVT). An enclosed secondary drive with a roller chain and oil bath means low maintenance. The engine is inclined 70 degrees to the front for a lower center of gravity, produces 60 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, and a maximum torque of 49 pound-feet is available at 6,000 rpm.

Both BMW maxi-scooters are also equipped with a generously-sized braking system consisting of a two-rotor disc brake at the front and a single-disc brake a the rear, each 10.6 inches in diameter. Standard BMW Motorad ABS ensures maximum safety.

Finally, instrumentation is also motorcycle-like, and there is an onboard computer; the multifinction instrument cluster on these machines has a large, easily readable LCD display with integrated engine-speed readout and an analog speedometer. There are considerably more functions than usually found in motor scooters-but then, the demographic group who will buy the BMW maxi-scooter are used to high-tech extras to fit their premium expectations.

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BMW Motorcycles

This site is dedicated to Beemers. BMW motorcyles are a great bike to ride and rewarding to own.

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